Memento is a memory. It’s an unexpected pleasure that, once found, becomes a keepsake.

Memento Lounge & Bistro, located on the ground floor of Mantra 2 Bond Street, radiates a peaceful ambiance. Designed and furnished with understated refinement, it offers a retreat that feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of frenzied CBD footpaths found just beyond its windows.

This unexpectedly serene atmosphere is felt in Memento’s library–like surrounds; walls feature bookcases holding a wide repository of literature.

As a place to sit and watch the crowds hurry by, the restaurant provides a tranquil vantage point borrowing a homely familiarity by way of warm honey tones and the steady stream of noises and smells dispersing from an open kitchen.

Drop by to enjoy a morning coffee and catch up on the daily news, swing round after work for invigorating cocktails or schedule in a quick and inexpensive mouth-watering dish plated with style.

Memento aims to offer its hotel guests, inner city corporates and those passing by outside the chance to linger and relax amid the downtown hubbub of Australia’s largest metropolis.